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Version: 1.0.0


Everyname's advanced API fetches wallet addresses and names from any blockchain name service. It works by querying multiple onchain name services with a single API call. There is no need to configure or maintain individual client libraries and RPC endpoints.

Get started

Forward Resolution maps a name → address, i.e. everyname.eth → 0xD475C94562cabC52e38cb3012D976185813284bb

Reverse Resolution maps an address → name, i.e. 0xD475C94562cabC52e38cb3012D976185813284bb → everyname.eth

Forward Multicoin Resolution maps a name → to an array of address records, i.e. everyname.eth → [array of address records]

Refer here for supported providers and TLDs (.eth .avax .tez and so forth)

To try the API:

  1. Generate a Trial API_KEY using this tool
  2. Copy the API_KEY
  3. Select Forward or Reverse Resolution
  4. Click Authorize on the top-right; paste the API_KEY and click Save
  5. Enter your query into the Console on the far-right of the page i. Forward (query = domain; i.e. everyname.eth) ii. Reverse (query = address and provider; i.e. 0xD475C94562cabC52e38cb3012D976185813284bb and ens)
  6. Click Execute or copy and paste the relevant code snippet into your application

Note: the Trial API_KEY is valid for 15 minutes. To request a permanent API_KEY apply here and we will get back to you within 72 hours.